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Protect the air you breath

Green Energy Tech is proud to bring you RENUAIRE.


RENUAIRE replenishes indoor spaces to purify air and prolong the cleanliness of hard surfaces.

How it works

Traditional air purifiers use filters to remove contaminants from the air. 

RENUAIRE disperses a microscopic mist of environmental probiotics called ReNUBiotics (good bacteria) into the air which suspends itself, attaching to airborne particles and pathogens, and eventually settling on surfaces where they compete for available food resources of harmful pathogens such as bad bacteria. In essence, the good bacteria starves it’s competing microbial opponents.


  • Highly effective in reducing contamination and odors associated with microbial bioburdens such as bacteria, viruses, mold, pet dander, and other pathogens

  • Consumes organic irritants such as pollen, dust mite waste and pet dander

  • Helps boost natural defenses

  • Safely nourishes indoor living and work spaces with beneficial bacteria

  • Safe for humans and pets

  • Compact, energy efficient and whisper quiet

Helps with Viruses

Many traditional air “filtration” systems do little to nothing to address bioburdens such as viruses. ReNUBiotics (environmental “good” probiotics) dispersed through a RENUAIRE system not only addresses airborne contaminants but where ReNUBiotics land on surfaces, the good probiotics breaks down biofilm on surfaces to naturally clean surfaces making the environment less hospitable for viruses and other pathogens.  This is a proven technology to be effective in reducing the number of viruses similar to coronavirus on surfaces. Research has shown that coronviruses can survive on surfaces, without a host, for up to 9 days, so disrupting the environment in which viruses survive and supporting cleaner surfaces helps to minimize the risk of transference and infection simply by touching a surface where coronavirus is present.

Please note:  no studies, to date, have been conducted on the effectiveness of RENUAIRE probiotic blend against COVID-19 specifically. However, a study conducted using feline calicivirus (FCV) showed that a blend of environmental probiotics containing multiple strains of Bacillus Ferment resulted in the reduction of active FCV viruses by more than 99.99 percent over a 6-hour time period. As a result of this proven anti-viral efficiency, it is our belief that RENUAIRE probiotic mixture may serve to help reduce the risk of viral transmissions.

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Image by Paige Cody
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"After installing a probiotics home purification system, we have seen an improvement in the general health of our office staff. I’ve now installed a probiotics home purification system in my home to help with our allergies."


"With our environmental probiotics system, I don’t have the usual stuffy nose, mouth irritation, or itchy eyes. I feel it is a big part of the reason I’ve remained allergy free."


Within hours, we noticed the difference in our air and a reduction of odors in our home. We have also noticed an improvement in our allergy symptoms and the amount of dust on our furniture has greatly diminished.


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